To Serve or not to Serve

I was watching a tv show tonight and the characters were in a debate about wether a woman should fix her husband a plate of food. One of the husbands asked his wife to fix him a plate of food. She got up from the table and preceeded to do so.

Some of the women at  the table chastised her and felt it was subservient for a woman to serve her husband while the other half felt it was a sign of respect. I have always felt that it is a sign of respect to prepare my husbands plate for him. He works long hours to provide for our family. I consider it an honor to fix him something to eat.

Why is it deemed old fashioned for a woman to care for her husband and family? I know that as women we have made many strides in equality. That is a good thing. We are now captain of industry, running  a busness, producing movies an so on.

With all the advancements in equality, why has motherhood and being a wife somehow deemed unimportant. OK, back to fixing a plate of food. (laughing)

So in conclusion, if you want to fix him a plate of food do so. If you do not wish to and you and your spouse os ok with that, it’s ok too.

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