Have you ever wished that relationships came with an instruction manual, similar to the one that came with your new IPhone or the electronics you purchased? One that would guide you through the installation as well as the trouble shooting process. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Until now. This a Relationship/Marriage Survival Guide. It will give insight into why some relationships survive while others fail. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your partner. You will be given the necessary information and tools to navigate the complexities of relationships. We will revisit some of the traditional values that have been abandoned in the 21st Century and learn how to apply them to our modern-day relationships. I encourage you to read it with your partner and discuss what you have learned and how you can apply these techniques after each chapter.

As a licensed Life Coach and having been married for 39 wonderfully complicated and happy years, I have gained valuable insight into why some relationships survive and others fail.

Like most couples, my husband and I faced challenges and difficulties in our marriage. Divorce, however, was never an option. We took those vows with every intention of honoring them till death do us part. We made a contract.

The vows you recited on your wedding day is your marriage contract. If you don’t show up in the marriage each and every day and perform the task you agreed to, just as you agreed to on your job, you will be terminated, only it’s called Divorce.

This relationship manual will provide you with the tools you need to successfully communicate with your partner as well as tips to keep the romance alive and well. I encourage couples to read this manual together. Discuss what you feel was useful for your marriage after each chapter. The purpose of this manual is for the couples to connect and engage one another.

Marriage does not have to be complicated, at least not with the proper tools. We use mechanical tools to make our physical tasks less complicated, we can also use tools to make our relationships easier to manage as well. With the proper tools, you can create a Happy and Healthy Relationship.

21st Century Stepford Wife

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