As women we do more by lunch time than most men do by mid night. Between the kids, house, dogs, husbands and maybe even an outside job it’s no wonder we are exhausted most if not some of the time.

We must not forget to take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries if we are to function at the levels that we need to daily. If you can squeeze in a spa day once in a while it will do wonders for your mind, body and spirit. Not to mention, it may keep you from strangling someone. (laughing). If that is not possible something as simple as a hot bath and cup of tea or wine if you prefer can have a major impact.

What ever helps you to relax and destress will be helpful. We must not forget to take care of ourselves. You know the instructions that the flight attendant on an airplane gives when she says in a loss of cabin pressure secure your mask before helping other’s. In order to help other’s you must first take care of yourself. It is not selfish or self indulgent to care for yourself, it is a necessity.

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