New Year/ New You

2019 is upon us. What did you learn about yourself and your relationships during this last Year? Every December 31stfinds me making resolutions for the upcoming year as I’m sure most of you do as well. This year I decided that I am not making any commitments for changes in 2019. Instead I decided to clean house or Purge if you will all the people, things and circumstances that I do not wish to take with me into the New Year.

Clean out the negativity in your relationships, be it husband, wife, children, relatives or co-workers. Release all of the energy that is not positive and does not serve a purpose in your life. I know this can be difficult, but some people and things do not belong in our life. 

Before the year ends take inventory of the good and the bad and decide what you what to take forward with you and what belongs in the trash.

When I wake up on January 1st  2019, it will be a time of looking forward to all of the good things that I know will befall me.  So, to all of you I say clean house now so that the new year will be met with optimism and without obstacles.   

Happy New Year

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