Today I would like to talk about husband’s.  I was reading a post on facebook recently where a woman was talking about her husband. She felt that women around her were critical of how she cared for her husband and children. She is a stay at home mom and she homeschools her three children. During a conversation with a relative she was accused of not taking advantage of the advancements of the woman’s movement. Why don’t you want a career and work outside of the home she was asked?  She felt like a traitor to the women’s movement.

I thought the movement was about women having equal right’s, including the right to choose what works for you. I too, have been made to feel ashamed and even embarrassed because I walked away from Corporate America and choose to make my home and family my priority. I listen to my single friends complain about not being married and having a husband.  What I find comical is what they say they are not willing to do for a husband.  I liken that to wanting to eat anything you want too but don’t want to gain weight nor exercise. You can’t have it both ways.

I take pride in caring for my family. I am happiest when I know they are happy. Forty years of marriage have taught me that in relationships it’s not all about you. It is about caring for each other.

If you want to be a wife you must learn how to take care of a Husband. So here is my shout out to all the Husbands who work hard daily and provide for his family.  Job well done.

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