House Cleaning (whose job is it)

I recently spoke with a young woman who is newly married. She asked me a question about house cleaning. Both she and her husband work full time. She wants to hire a cleaning lady one day a month to help out with the chores. Her husband feels it’s a waste of money and feels that they can manage the cleaning amongst themselves.

She does not share his viewpoint and asked me what I thought was the best way to handle the situation.

My advice to her was to try it his way for two months. List all the chores that needs to be managed on a peice of paper and split the list between you based on each persons strengths and likes. You can do the dishes, he can mop the floors etc;

At the end of the time period if he has not kept up his end of the agreement you will have a stronger case for hiring the cleaning lady. If her husband is anything like mine, two weeks in and I will have that cleaning in the front door. (smile)

At the end of the day both of you will have contributed to the conversation and that is what’s key.

P.S. start calling agencies  (smile)

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