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Perfection vs Perfect for You


My recent post about Perfection vs Perfect for You received quite a bit of feedback. I was asked to follow up on the topic. So here it goes.

So many of us today are in search of perfection. Advertising, social media and various forms of media have convinced us that we have to be perfect. We have to wear the right clothes, makeup, drive the right vehicles and even have plastic surgery all in an attempt to be “Perfect”


In our search for personal perfection we also expect our prospective partners to be perfect. Surgery, clothes, makeup and vehicles does not equal perfection.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice or even drive a nice car. When you place a high value on external attributes you set yourself up for failure and delusion. Have you ever noticed that some of the most beautiful women in the world are the most insecure about their appearance’s? I hear from both men and women who tell me that they don’t feel attractive enough.


Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have all seen the animated movie Beauty and the Beast. The female character Belle was repelled by the beast in the beginning but after she spent time getting to know him she fell in love with his spirit and his heart. His physical appearance no longer mattered.


When you place a higher value on the appearance and physical attributes of an individual instead of their heart, moral character and spirit, you will always find yourself in search of something better (Perfection). There will always be someone who may not find you attractive, fashionable or even appealing. There will always be someone with more money or a better body, longer hair or a prettier/handsome face. The search for perfection will be never ending.

We must learn to love ourselves as well as others as they are and that is the true definition of Perfection.

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Perfection -VS- Perfect for You


Every person has an idea of what they think the perfect person for them looks like. For men, it most always includes a pretty face and a good body. Sometimes they will throw in intelligence, but most often it’s appearance that ranks high on their list.


For women, it may be his body, but a high priority seems to be a good provider and moral character. Sometimes our ideal mate borders on the extreme and not very realistic. Finding the perfect mate does not mean that they will be perfect and have every attribute that you can imagine.


Perfect for you is not the same thing as perfection. You’ve heard the old saying “one man’s trash is other man’s treasure. What may be perfect for you may not be for someone else and that’s OK.  As the old saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


So, when you are looking for a mate don’t seek perfection but rather perfect for you. Find someone who can make you laugh. Someone who makes you feel special and will be there in not only the best of times but the worst as well. That is when you know you have found the perfect person for you.