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Today’s women have some many more options and choices than women as early as one generation ago. Thanks to the women’s movement and all of the courageous women who stood up for our rights women today have many more options. Some choose career’s outside of the home while others have made the decision to be stay at home mom’s and housewives.


In my profession as a Life Coach, I work with women from all walks of life. One common theme that I hear most often from women who have chosen a career over family is that sometimes they feel demonized for that choice. On the other side of the isle, women who have made the choice to have a family and not work outside of the home also feel demonized for that choice as well.

As women we need to support each other and recognize that there is no one size fits all when it comes to womanhood. I support and encourage each individual to pursue the path that works best for them. Mother’s rely on your single girlfriends without children, they make the best babysitters. (smile) Above all, let’s support one another, we all need it.

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